The first six episodes of Voci | Words without limits are online. Voci is the column of the Benefit Corporation Amapola, specializing in sustainability and communication. The project intends to shine a light on important social issues that risk being submerged in the constant stream of daily news. The last episode addresses the theme of language in the face of diversity and inclusion, or rather, “coexistence of differences”, as the interviewee Vera Gheno, sociolinguist, specifies, quoting the activist Fabrizio Acanfora.

Is inclusive language scary? And if so, does this mean that inclusion is also scary? What is the relationship between reality and language and how do these two dimensions influence each other? The episode featuring Gheno as the protagonist starts from these questions to stimulate a reflection on how communication, today and increasingly, can be a tool for enrichment and emancipation.

The playlist with all the interviews is available on YouTube.