The winning artists of the TSI Art Award will exhibit their works at Artissima from 4 to 6 November and will be the protagonists of a moment of dialogue between art and social innovation, in collaboration with La Stampa.

Talk at the Artissima Meeting Point
Saturday 5 November, 6:30 pm

The social impact of art
Turin through the eyes of artists


  • Federico Pozuelo and Natália Trejbalová, winning artists
  • Matteo Mottin and Ramona Ponzini, founders of the art project Treti Galaxie and tutors of the third edition of the prize
  • Guido Bolatto, Secretary General, Turin Chamber of Commerce
  • Francesca Gambetta, Head of Mission Creating Attractiveness, Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation

Moderator: Cesare Martinetti, journalist, La Stampa

A potential ally and driver of social innovation, art can offer unexpected visions capable of breaking down stereotyped social constructions, giving a voice even to those who risk being excluded from contemporary production systems.

For the third year, Artissima and Torino Social Impact are promoting the Torino Social Impact Art Award in collaboration with Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, a project that aims to foster emerging talents from multicultural and migrant backgrounds. Focusing on the space that multiculturalism has in today’s society, the award aims to propose new relationships and open up unexpected scenarios through the languages and gaze of the winning artists. Also important is the role of the Turin Chamber of Commerce, promoter of Torino Social Impact, which has always supported Artissima, of which it is co-owner.

The two winners of the third edition of the competition – Federico Pozuelo (Madrid, 1992) and Natália Trejbalová (Košice, Slovakia, 1989) – were selected by the “Torino Social Impact Art Award” Committee composed of Luigi Fassi, director of Artissima, Mario Calderini, Politecnico di Milano and Spokesperson for Torino Social Impact, Alberto Anfossi secretary general of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi, president of Fondazione ICA Milano, Ilda Curti, president of Associazione IUR Innovazione Urbana Rigenerazione, Matteo Bergamini, editor-in-chief of Exibart, and Matteo Mottin and Ramona Ponzini, founders of the art project Treti Galaxie and tutors of the third edition of the award.

From 27 June to 27 July, the two artists were hosted in the Piedmontese capital at Combo to create two video works inspired by the theme of the 2022 call for entries, Rebellions and Rebirths: the creative potential of confrontation: an invitation to reflect on the theme of social conflict in its various manifestations and latent forms; a tangible and concrete phenomenon that has always found in art a peaceful means of expression, but at the same time one with a strong potential for denunciation. Guided and supported by Matteo Mottin and Ramona Ponzini, the two artists recounted through their works the contemporary society of Turin as emblematic of a country in transformation, confronting their own multifaceted and unprecedented points of view with the stimulating context of the city and its most significant cultural and social expressions.

The videos produced during the residency period will be presented at Artissima 2022 in a dedicated space.

Federico Pozuelo presents a film project that aims to investigate the different historical narratives of Northern Italy, through the language of detective and horror, focusing on Turin, from the 1970s to today.

Natália Trejbalová investigates the network of underground spaces, time capsules and archives of human and non-human traces, in a journey through a parallel world to discover the hidden face of Turin.

The talk The social impact of art starts with an analysis of how art is able to provide tools and physical spaces for questioning the social urgencies of the contemporary world, and broadens its gaze to other tools that can produce social innovation. More information here.