Social procurement is a pillar activity for Torino Social Impact, which has been committed to promoting innovative forms of supply in the territory since its inception to support the growth of businesses and activities with social impact.

To pursue this goal, the All Included campaign was launched, aimed at promoting social procurement in the private sector, encouraging the purchase of products and services from social enterprises that prioritize impact.

Focus on profit, focus on social. All included and everyone included. This is the message encapsulated in the digital communication campaign that kicks off this week and will be disseminated across various platforms and multiplied through Torino Social Impact’s channels.

The campaign also includes an experimental portal to find social impact enterprises, currently dedicated to the circular economy sector, which will soon be expanded. On the portal, you can find different social entrepreneurship entities, such as cooperatives and social enterprises, benefit corporations, and innovative startups with a social vocation. You can filter them based on the service or product offered, the type of enterprise, and the predominant social mission.

Consult the portal at this link

What is social procurement?

Social procurement is a simple way to integrate impact goals into your company through purchasing decisions.

When a company decides to introduce social procurement into its supply chain, it continues to seek the best product or service at the most convenient price but also considers the social impacts it can generate. The principle of best “value” for money is reinforced with social “value.”

This can be achieved by purchasing products or services from social enterprises that practice the work inclusion of disadvantaged people or pursue other social impact goals, or by integrating social criteria into their supplier selection procedures.

The campaign and the portal are part of the European project Buy Social, funded by the European Council for Innovation and the Executive Agency for SMEs (EISMEA) under the SMP-COSME-2022-BUYSOCIALB2BMARKET call.

The social procurement program of Torino Social Impact is supported by the Torino Chamber of Commerce and the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation.