November brings winter, but this year, it adorns the Sambuy Garden with light and warmth, and, during the usual second Sunday of the month, the Googreen Biodiversity Market will once again be a backdrop for art, culture, and good practices.

On November 2nd, the “AZZURROGIALLO” Artist’s Light by Giorgio Griffa lit up the park and gazebo, where the blue and yellow of the luminous spirals recall Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” as well as the colors of Ukraine, as a sign of fraternity.

On the same date, coinciding with Artissima, the installation by Iranian artist Bahar Heidarzade was inaugurated for the Art Site Fest project. It creates a path in the Sambuy Garden that highlights the roots of the trees through gold leaf and dye, inviting us to raise our gaze towards the branches, crossing them with colorful lines of connection and dialogue. The meaning of Heidarzade’s intervention arises from the need to forge a deeper connection between nature and culture, seeking, in the roots of our being, as in all living things, a precious resource that we too often fail to grasp.

Inspired by a similar spirit of respect, brotherhood, and sisterhood, the CLOveCHARD exhibition was inaugurated on November 6th. It features sculptural and poetic works dedicated to the homeless and will remain on display on the benches of the Sambuy Garden until November 15th.

Conceived by Raffaele Palma for CAUS Centro Arti Umoristiche e Satiriche in collaboration with 14 sculptors, an equal number of multidimensional, polymaterial works were created and placed on some of the benches in the garden. During the exhibition-event’s setup, a section dedicated to poetry with texts written by 22 poets and printed on leaflets is given to the public for free with the aim of raising awareness among the public and city authorities to provide concrete help and urgent assistance to those living on the streets, especially as the winter season is about to begin.

On Sunday, the 12th, we begin the day as usual with friends from Paranza del Geco and a free pizzica lesson in the garden (free event, reservation appreciated: La Paranza del Geco). We will also resume the activities of the PHILOSOPHICAL BENCH, which, in conjunction with the “CLOveCHARD” exhibition-event, will have philosophers from FILOSOFIA IN atTO offering a dialogic stroll among the voices, silences, and thoughts that the contemplation of Bahar Heydarzade’s sculptures and pictorial interventions will evoke.

Starting from the “philosophical bench” at the center of the park, at 12:00 and 4:00 PM, the walks with philosophers and poets will lead participants to shared reflections, reasoning, and new resolutions. (Free event, reservation appreciated: