Food is community, sociality, a precious good to share and make the most of. Two of the projects of Bottom Up!, the architecture festival promoted by Fondazione per l’architettura / Torino and the Order of Architects of Turin, have chosen it as the mission of their urban transformation initiatives, under the banner of enhancing the social fabric of Turin. Here are the details!

  • Waste wheel

Waste wheel is a project that aims to reduce food waste thanks to the philosophy of recovery, transformation and distribution of food surpluses. How? With a fundraiser that aims to raise 6,000 euros for the purchase of a van equipped with a mobile kitchen. The aim is to increase the current distribution network and activate dynamics of urban transformation and re-appropriation of the squares that host the city’s markets during the day and that remain unused once the sales activity is over. Through a van with a mobile kitchen, in fact, it would be possible to recover, transform and distribute food surpluses from the food chain and donate them. Follow the project on Facebook.

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  • S.P.I.G.A Social Oven

S.P.I.G.A. is an inclusive bakery project that wants to give life to a social bakery for artisan re-generation in the outskirts of Turin, in Barriera di Milano, in the urban garden of Agrobarriera. The aim is to transform bakery into a moment of integration, an opportunity to make use of physical, cultural, social and environmental resources, according to the principles of the circular economy. The project also proposes the creation of a “grain library” in which to collect different types of seeds from all over Italy, promoting biodiversity. In order for this initiative to become a reality and reach the goal of 25,000 euros, your donation is also necessary. Follow the project on Facebook and Instagram.

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Waste Well and S.P.I.G.A. join forces and give you an appointment for the joint fundraising event Passata/e in Barriera (subscribe to the Facebook event and download the poster) scheduled for Saturday 19th September from 6 to 10 pm, in the urban garden of Agribarriera in via Petrella 28 Torino. The event is on Saturday but the space will be open for the whole weekend: an opportunity to make the sauce all together, discover the two projects and give them a real chance to be realized.

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