The Foundation was founded in 2002 with the aim of enhancing the social role of architects and promoting architecture as a discipline at the service of quality of life, for social well-being. It investigates present and future needs, studies innovative answers and implements concrete and contemporary actions on the territory. It stimulates change and seeks tools to face the challenges of the future with responsibility and awareness.

  • The Foundation acts: it manages quality procedures (participatory planning, public debate, competitions, design workshops) for the transformation of the territory alongside public administrations and private operators and experiments processes and projects to provide innovative social responses.
  • The Foundation shares: it promotes a cultural program to favour the accessibility of the themes of architecture, landscape and environment, creating an active, participatory and competent client.
  • The Foundation educates: it develops a quality training catalogue for architects, landscape architects, conservators and professionals who gravitate around the themes of architecture, design and territorial transformation.