The competition is back, open until 18 June, offering a concrete opportunity for under-35 creators of digital content to make a name for themselves and grow

Open until 18 June, the sixth edition of the national competition “Faber, creativity, enterprise and impact“, organised by Weco with the contribution of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation and the Turin Chamber of Commerce, as part of Torino Social Impact. For 15 years, it has been promoting encounters between young people active in the fields of digital creativity and companies and organisations interested in enhancing these skills. The professional spin-offs are important: in fact, more than 90% of the young participants in the last edition recognised a fundamental role of the initiative in their own entrepreneurial and career path. The subject of the competition is works and products realised in the last 24 months on commission or independently, with a free theme in the four categories envisaged: Live action & Animation, Visual & Graphic design, Gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality, Web, app, social.

Participating in and winning the Faber competition allows digital creatives under 35 to access the fabermeeting and thus to participate in workshops, talks, meetings and exchanges with partner companies, paid experience at the same companies and to have support for the projects proposed in various fields, including live action, visual design, augmented reality and virtual reality, apps, social. Faber also promotes the knowledge and application of creative and digital media and tools to meet new social and entrepreneurial challenges.

Partner companies find in Faber the answers to specific innovation needs, new skills, new languages and new approaches to technology.

As Dario Gallina, President of the Turin Chamber of Commerce, explains, “Digital, innovation and social impact: this is the heart of the Faber call for proposals, now in its sixth edition, which on the one hand allows young people to propose digital and creative solutions for immediate use, and on the other allows entrepreneurs to make effective use of them in their business. A contact that is often fruitful and long-lasting, since 75% of the young people awarded a prize sign a work contract after this positive experience”.

“For 15 years,” says Carlo Boccazzi Varotto, director of the initiative, “the Faber competition and Fabermeeting have been a great showcase for Italian digital talent, the success of which is measured in the fact that, increasingly often, those who originally took part as competitors now participate as partners, not infrequently representing a company that they met thanks to Fabermeeting. Faber is also one of the, not too many, initiatives capable of anticipating languages and themes. This is why it is important to open up to the world of the Third Sector and social impact, which, more than any other, can benefit not only from the skills, but also from the inspirations, the needs for change that the boys and girls participating in the competition express”.

Since its inception in 2008, Faber has seen more than 1,000 young people take part in the competition phase, 470 projects have been submitted and more than 150 have been awarded. In five editions there were more than 200 partner companies and 106 speakers involved in workshops, talks and round tables. In 2008 there were 14 partners involved, today there are more than 60.

The Faber 2023 edition expands by extending the partnership to Third Sector organisations to meet their need to identify new market spaces and competences. Social impact and sustainability will be relevant themes in the programme and will also find space in dedicated workshops and talks.

All information on how to participate can be found at: