The coexistence of differences is an essential ingredient for fostering well-being, competitiveness, and value within organizations. With this conviction, Amapola is launching an internal division dedicated to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), further consolidating its commitment to social issues. Since its founding in 2009, the Benefit Corporation has specialized in sustainability consulting and communication. Senior consultant Emilia Blanchetti joins Amapola’s team to lead this initiative, bringing with her thirty years of experience in the field.

The New DEI Division: A Strategic Commitment

Amapola’s approach is based on a deep understanding of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues and solid experience in sustainability consulting and communication. The new DEI consultancy areas include:

  • Assessment
  • Policy design
  • Goals and strategy development
  • Communication of the DEI journey
  • Reporting on DEI metrics
  • Support for certifications, including the gender equality certification UNI PdR 125:2022

Emilia Blanchetti has a long career in sustainability, with extensive experience in consulting, organizing, and managing events and stakeholder engagement projects. She has collaborated with public and private companies, public administrations, governments, and non-profit organizations both nationally and internationally. Among her achievements are complex communication and dissemination projects, as well as coordinating significant national festivals like the Verde e Blu Festival and the WE – Women’s Equality Festival.

Amapola’s Vision and DEI Networking

DEI policies are crucial for organizational growth: they represent a significant social commitment to people and communities, clearly define the company’s values, enhance credibility with stakeholders and the market, and have a tangible impact on results and competitiveness, as numerous studies have shown. Moreover, amid strong regulatory pushes on human rights issues – consider the latest European directives on reporting or due diligence – it is essential to raise awareness by reviewing business processes and extending it to the supply chain. Key application areas include gender equality, support for parenting and caregiving, creating an inclusive work environment, and valuing differences within and outside companies.

“Promoting diversity and inclusion has long been proven to generate competitive advantages. However, in Italy, the topic is still in the process of being fully adopted by many companies”, comments Emilia Blanchetti, the new team leader of Amapola’s division. “We face a multi-speed scenario where each organization must be guided according to its maturity level: some need help setting up a DEI policy, while others need a partner to highlight and enhance existing initiatives. Our proposal starts from an in-depth analysis of real needs using innovative tools and is always results-oriented and focused on improving competitiveness”.

The proposed methodology is based on stakeholder relationships, active listening, facilitation, and co-designing DEI strategies with the participation and involvement of all key interlocutors. This approach helps stabilize and solidify the process because it is based on shared values, projects, and objectives. Furthermore, thanks to a vast network of relationships at the national level, Amapola can activate synergies on DEI projects with accredited and institutional partners, creating profitable collaborations with businesses, associations, NGOs, and public administrations.

A New Milestone

“We embrace the words of activist Fabrizio Acanfora, who suggests talking about the coexistence of differences rather than inclusion: a horizontal and egalitarian perspective on the subject that convinces us”, explains Elena Mancino, Amapola partner. “For Amapola, this new division is not just a business goal but a new milestone in a journey. Emilia brings with her a wealth of valuable experience and passion for our reality.”

Amapola Srl Benefit Corporation specializes in sustainability consulting with a particular focus on communication. Founded in 2009, it accompanies companies and organizations in building sustainability pathways and projects, making them alive and shared with all stakeholders. To this end, it offers structured listening and stakeholder engagement services, institutional and environmental communication, sustainability reporting, media relations, content production, video production, and event organization, along with consultancy in conflict management and the creation of CSR projects. Amapola has operational offices in Milan, Turin, and Alessandria, as well as a network of correspondents throughout Italy.