A meeting to imagine together future sceneries and new identities for the Lungo Dora, in Aurora.

ToNite is a project funded by the Urban Innovative Actions European Program. The goal is bettering the livability of the areas along the Dora river in the evening, throughout the redevelopment of public spaces and economical and technical support to activate proximity services.
The Municipality of Turin is the leading proponent of the project with the partners: ExperientiaEspereal TechnologiesSocialFareFondazione Torino WirelessEngineering Ingegneria informaticaANCIEFUS .

To promote the inclusive method which points out the local communities and the district potentialities, with a social innovation and urban redevelopment perspective in order to face the security topic, shared conception workshops has been planned, to imagine and develop together the future sceneries for the areas along the Dora river, in particular districts Aurora, Vanchiglia, and the Campus Einaudi area.

Next meeting will be 4th March and its topic will be the new possible sceneries for some places of Lungo Dora area in Aurora neighborhood, for a renewal intervention. 

The meeting is pointed towards the whole community: any age citizens, residents, workers, students, curious people, but also institutions, companies, associations interested in participating to the project.

SocialFare facilitators, Social Innovation and Shared design processes experts, will offer tools to participate which will empower the capacities and knowledge of anyone. All you need is the desire to participate.

The activities will focus on 3 areas:

  • ZONE 1 // Calvino Library and San Pietro in Vincoli (Cycle lane, Lungodora Agrigento)
  • ZONE 2 // The area between Corso Emilia and via Cecchi (Mobility, Lungo Dora Napoli)
  • ZONA 3 // Railway cutting, Ponte Carpanini, Pellegrino Garden (Lungo Dora Agrigento, Corso Vercelli – Corso Emilia)

The event will be online.

4th March 2021 h. 17.30