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Digital technologies to face social challenges

The Covid emergency stressed the importance of the Turin ecosystem of investing in technology transfer and promoting strategies oriented to social impact. The Tech4Good action line, an integral part of the Torino Social Impact strategic plan, explores the potential of emerging technologies such as blockchain, IoT, I.A., in terms of response to social problems. It also aims at the systematization of territorial big data at the service of the definition of local policies.

The Turin ecosystem is committed to promoting a process of digitization of the third sector and experimentation of new and emerging technologies that offer unprecedented possibilities to address and solve the problems of communities. Torino Social Impact is a promoter of Tech4Good coordinated actions and represents the strategic framework in which various projects are inserted.


Further information

  • The expression “tech for good” means using technology to do good. Technology has a unique potential to find new solutions to existing or emerging problems and to expand the scope and impact of these solutions. But what exactly do we mean by this expression and what is its potential? Nesta Italia explains it to us here.
  • After identifying the perimeter of Tech for Good, Nesta Italia guides us in the processes and tools that allow us to discover, develop and replicate projects and initiatives where technologies generate social impact.
  • On November 10, 2020, the companies of the ICT Pole of Piedmont most attentive to social impact present their most innovative and concrete solutions for digital and technological transformation, linked to the new social challenges to which all companies, and in particular social enterprises and actors of volunteering, are called.