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A center to foster impact evaluation culture and practices, through guidance, technical support, training and continuing education, constant alignment with the international methodologies.

The center is promoted by the Social Entrepreneurship Committee of the Turin Chamber of commerce within the framework of Torino Social Impact and is realized with the technical advice of Human Foundation, thanks to the support of the Compagnia di Sanpaolo Foundation. It is based at the Turin Chamber of commerce and it is at disposal to all public and private local entities, for profit and non-profit organizations.

Main activities of the Competence Center are:

  1. Monitoring of the ecosystem, first stage guidance for the interested subjects and needs assessment through a specific procedure.
  2. Promotion of the measurement practice and culture through seminars and meetings and a high level University course realized by the University of Turin. The course is intended for those who are willing to enhance their knowledge and skills on the subject of impact assessment, in particular who hold managerial roles and who are in charge of reporting activities in financial and social terms, or who are interested in integrating the two aspects.
  3. Support aimed at sharing methodologies, strengthening the ecosystem, ensure guidance to the organizations along their measurement processes, setting up certification service aimed at recognizing the consistency of the principles and evaluation criteria, through an independent process that involves professionals selected on the basis of specific requirements and activated according to rotation and transparency principles.

The Center operates in cooperation with national, European and international institutes, guaranteeing the consistency of its evaluation process with the most relevant measurement procedures at the global level.

The design process of the Center started in July 2018, it was provided with a territorial working group that brought values and skills to the project. The activation of the Center has been announced on November 2019.