Course about Competences for Social Innovation at Open Incet

Open Incet – Open Innovation Center Turin, in collaboration with the Giacomo Brodolini Foundation and its partners, thanks to the contribution of Compagnia di San Paolo, promote a program aimed at supporting the evolution of the Third Sector towards sustainable social innovation models : the Course on Competences for Social Innovation.

The objective is twofold, on the one hand creating a new professional figure, the Chief Social Innovation Officer (CSIO), on the other hand learning from the experiences and needs of the Third Sector to contribute to increase their impact through the construction of new competences and organization skills. It is necessary for the Third Sector too to invest in human capital to generate new ideas and possible applications of new technologies, to overcome management difficulties and to progress in the evolution towards sustainable social innovation models.

The program provides a joint training of a selected group of young talents from the territory together with the representatives of Third Sector organizations that want to experiment with models of social innovation service; the combination of a young talent with one of the organizations participating in the program to co-design these new models together; the accompaniment of these innovations so that they “take root” within the host organizations; the creation of a community of social innovators that can feed a virtuous circuit of projects on the territory. Specifically, the program intends to:

  • define and train a new professional figure, the Chief Social Innovation Officer (CSIO), who can work on changing the models of the third sector “from within”;
  • to facilitate the meeting between this new professional figure and local organizations that intend to innovate their business and service models; support the work of the first CSIO group through mentoring and organizing “peer learning” moments;
  • to connect the CSIO group to the international circuit of social innovation to accelerate learning and the construction of a network of support and exchange.The program is aimed at:

    – young people aged between 23 and 35 years, interested in working in the Third Sector or in starting their own entrepreneurial activity in the field of social innovation;

    – various types of Third Sector organizations (Associations, Cooperatives, Consortia, Social Enterprises, etc.) that intend to start an innovation path that will lead them to experiment with new business and service models and to the application of new technologies.

    The course will start with a first part of classroom training, which will have an estimated duration of 160h in three months. The 60 individual participants and 30 representatives of the organizations involved will participate in the training. Participants will be provided with training aimed at understanding social innovation processes intended as a response to the need to satisfy emerging social needs with economically sustainable models, and at understanding the levers of organizational change. The training will have an experiential slant, to encourage active participation and learning based on the study of cases, visits, witnesses, simulations, group work, project work and workshops.

    The classroom training part will be followed a 3 months period of project work.At the end of this phase, through a process of evaluation (in two phases), conducted by the project team with the support of the mentors, the 5 most mature solutions will be identified to continue with a path of “accompaniment to growth”, which will consist of activities of :• support for focusing on the service and / or business model;• support in the preparation of a feasibility study that integrates all the dimensions (organizational, market, technological and economic) necessary for growth;• scouting for funding opportunities and supporting the drafting of proposals for candidates;• meeting with potential investors and lenders and supporting the investment / financing request.

UIA: thanks to TO-nite project 5M€ in Turin for social innovation ideas focused on urban security

Through UIA (Urban Innovative Actions), the European Union has awarded Turin 4.600.000 euros that will be invested by the Local Administration to implement a program focused on urban security through the redevelopment and recovery of degraded areas and the activation of technological and social innovation projects to guarantee higher levels of social cohesion and civil coexistence.

TO-nite project is supported by the City of Turin as the main partner, in partnership with SocialFare, Fondazione Wireless, Experientia, Engineering, European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS), Espereal Technologies and ANCI.

The City of Turin is one of the few cities in Europe to have twice won European funding for the Urban Innovative Actions program: already in 2016 the City was awarded the prestigious UIA funding with the Co-City project, focused on fighting poverty and degradation in the most fragile parts of the city, in particular in actions of social innovation and environmental redevelopment, making it possible to activate development paths for the co-production of services and the creation of companies linked to welfare.

To-nite is characterized by multidisciplinary solutions and actions to better understand urban social phenomena and to tackle the problems deriving from a perception of insecurity. In particular, the project will direct its action to experiment with services that extend even at night in areas of different density, accessibility and attractiveness.

Read the article on UIA website:

Read the press release of the City of Turin:




MatchAbilityDay: save the date!

The recent regional provisions have opened up new possibilities for collaboration between companies and non-profit cooperatives. In order to better understand what is provided for by the legislation and to ensure that the new measure is on the one hand known by the interested parties, on the other hand, used by companies in the best way, there is MatchAbilityDay.

Art. 14 within Biagi Law states that companies may not hire disabled workers directly, but contract a type B social cooperative that will hire workers. Therefore, MatchAbilityDay wants to facilitate contact between companies with work placement obligations and type B social cooperatives. It is a business to business networking event for the realization of collaboration opportunities.

The inclusion of disabled workers can be critical for both workers and companies. The aim of the event is to transform a legal obligation into a great opportunity for both. The company can convert a legal provision into economic value and into services with high added value, workers can be included in the job market and improve their quality of life.

This first edition of MatchAbilityDay will take place on 26 September 2019 at Open Incet, Piazza Teresa Noce 17, Turin. Participation is free. Details on the program and event registration will follow.

The initiative is organized by Confcooperative Piemonte Nord, in collaboration with Torino Social Impact and Anfas Piemonte, with Studio Marino as a technical partner and with the contribution of the Turin Chamber of Commerce. MatchAbilityDay received the patronage of the City of Turin and Piedmont Region.