The recent regional provisions have opened up new possibilities for collaboration between companies and non-profit cooperatives. In order to better understand what is provided for by the legislation and to ensure that the new measure is on the one hand known by the interested parties, on the other hand, used by companies in the best way, there is MatchAbilityDay.

Art. 14 within Biagi Law states that companies may not hire disabled workers directly, but contract a type B social cooperative that will hire workers. Therefore, MatchAbilityDay wants to facilitate contact between companies with work placement obligations and type B social cooperatives. It is a business to business networking event for the realization of collaboration opportunities.

The inclusion of disabled workers can be critical for both workers and companies. The aim of the event is to transform a legal obligation into a great opportunity for both. The company can convert a legal provision into economic value and into services with high added value, workers can be included in the job market and improve their quality of life.

This first edition of MatchAbilityDay will take place on 26 September 2019 at Open Incet, Piazza Teresa Noce 17, Turin. Participation is free. Details on the program and event registration will follow.

The initiative is organized by Confcooperative Piemonte Nord, in collaboration with Torino Social Impact and Anfas Piemonte, with Studio Marino as a technical partner and with the contribution of the Turin Chamber of Commerce. MatchAbilityDay received the patronage of the City of Turin and Piedmont Region.