Social Innovation Camp

I progetti di innovazione sociale ammessi al finanziamento della Città di Torino (misura 3.3.1A PON Metro  Torino Social Factory) sabato 30 marzo parteciperanno al Social Innovation Camp di Milano, una giornata di lavoro e confronto tra le organizzazioni no profit torinesi coinvolte nei progetti e diversi soggetti dell’ecosistema milanese: organizzazioni del terzo settore, imprese e altri gruppi di interesse selezionati in modo puntuale a partire dai servizi e prodotti offerti dai progetti.

Il Camp si colloca all’interno della “Festa delle idee”, momento inaugurale de La Scuola dei Quartieri, progetto del Comune di Milano finanziato nell’ambito dell’asse inclusione del PON Metro Milano.

L’incontro tra le due città e i due programmi sarà occasione di ispirazione, contaminazione e stimolo reciproco.

11.00 – 11.30 | Registrazione dei partecipanti
11.30 – 12.15 | Chi cambia le periferie delle città
Nuovi protagonisti e idee per l’innovazione sociale inclusiva
Un confronto tra le Città attive sugli interventi di inclusione sociale del PON Metro
13.30 – 14.30 | Pranzo di networking
Attività in parallelo
12.30 – 18.00 | Belle storie – Casi sul palco
Pitch: momento di presentazione pubblica dei progetti finanziati dal Pon Metro Torino
12.30 – 18.00 | Incontri con l’ecosistema milanese
Incontri 1to1 con soggetti dell’ecosistema milanese con cui i team torinesi potranno confrontarsi, in un’ottica di collaborazione e scambio
18.00 in poi | Drink di networking

Against inequalities: a new knowledge economy

Within the 2019 Biennale Democrazia framework, on Sunday 31 March at 18:30 Mario Calderini and Joan R. Rosés will talk about growth, inequality and innovation.

The Silicon Valley model has contributed to wealth creation in recent decades. But how fair, widespread and inclusive was its distribution? Recent studies give an unprecedented perspective on inequalities between and within states. The causes are to be found in the trinomial technology, market and capitalism which, in the knowledge economy, has brought wealth to concentrate in some areas, mostly the urban ones. What is the nature and origin of these inequalities? What is the possible role of a new generation of companies and social innovators in the fairer redistribution of the value of knowledge and technology?

Coordinated by Riccardo Staglianò.

Where: Auditorium Vivaldi, piazza Carlo Alberto 5 A, Turin

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Hacking Public Procurement. Protection and promotion of democracy in the transparency society

Thursday 28 March 2019 at 11 am, during Biennale Democrazia, Luca Asvisio, Davide Barberis, Michele Cozzio, Luigi Gili, Diego Dutto and Enrico Gentina will debate on the issue of transparency in the procurement system.

A transparent procurement system is synonymous with a healthy and democratic market. It is necessary to introduce elements of consistency in public spending that know how not only to select the best supplies of goods and services, but also suppliers capable of exercising a role of guaranteeing the public interest. It is not enough to set up favorable conditions from an economic and planning point of view, it is also necessary to equip oneself with tools to evaluate the general interest orientation of suppliers and the impact of their services.

Where: Cecchi Point, Salone delle Arti, via Antonio Cecchi 17, Turin

Event organized in collaboration with the Social Entrepreneurship Committee of the Turin Chamber of Commerce and the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Turin, with the support of Torino Social Impact.

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New scenarios for future communities

Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 5 pm, during Biennale Democrazia, Nicola Capone, Linda Di Pietro, Renato Quaglia and Marco Zappalorto will talk about the new social, economic and environmental challenges that our society is facing. Lack of services, migratory flows and pollution are some of the emergencies that communities can cope with thanks to the ability to self-organize, building tailor-made practices that can evolve and adapt to local specificities. How to activate learning and exchange processes between cities, civil society and institutions?

Where: Cecchi Point, Salone delle Arti, via Antonio Cecchi 17, Torino

Event by Nesta Italia. Coordinated by Simona De Giorgio.

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Innovation and sustainability in the Turin suburbs: presentation of AxTO’s circular and collaborative economy projects

On Friday 22nd March at 11.30 am, via Baltea 3 will host a press conference to present the eight circular and collaborative economy projects funded by the City of Turin for AxTO action 3.02 within the broader framework of Torino City Lab initiative.

8 projects to experiment innovative solutions based on the principles of collaborative economy and circulate in response to social and economic challenges affecting the peripheral areas of the city of Turin, fielding initiatives that are able to favor the enhancement of social exchanges, encourage the reuse of assets, resources and, at the same time, develop sustainable forms of consumption and organization of neighborhood services on a neighborhood scale.


Freelance day 2019

Saturday, March 23rd, freelancers and entrepreneurs will meet in Turin for the 5th edition of the Freelance Day, the independent job festival. A totally free full-immersion with talks, workshops, micro consultancy and networking meetings in parallel sessions, organized by Toolbox Coworking in collaboration with Acta, the association of freelancers.

On the previous day, Friday 22nd at 17.00, a panel will be held on the future of work and on how technological and social innovation will impact on the skills required: FUTURE WORKS!, with Alberto Maestri (Chief Content Officer in OpenKnowledge), Marco Zappalorto (Chief Executive Nesta Italy) and Sergio Bologna (self-employed scholar), moderated by Giuseppe Bottero of La Stampa.

On the event website the program of the two days is available: they will focus on the evolution of transversal professional skills, which any freelance or entrepreneur must keep constantly updated.

Design Thinking for your company: discover the DesAlps experience!

New opportunity to take part on DesAlps experience!

After the success of the previous DesAlps Workshop, we plan for next 19th March a new opportunity for Piedmontese SME’s to take part on the experience to discover the Design Thinking approach. You will have the chance to apply it concretely to your own activity, thanks to the support and follow-up by experts dedicated to the project.

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Cottino Social Impact Campus: recruiting!

Cottino Social Impact Campus, the first campus in Europe dedicated to Impact Education, was launched in Turin at the end of 2018 and opened in 2019. The campus will promote a culture of impact and social sustainability through a transformative education model based on great social challenges.

Open to companies, organizations, professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and people interested in shaping transformative impact cultures for society. The campus is designed and founded by the Cottino Foundation, created in strategic collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Turin, SocialFare and ESCP Europe in an ecosystem that includes other partners such as the Murialdo Family, EVPA and Torino Social Impact.

The Cottino Social Impact Campus is in search of two key figures that will be included in a multi-disciplinary and international team: campus dean and educational expert & designer.