Within the 2019 Biennale Democrazia framework, on Sunday 31 March at 18:30 Mario Calderini and Joan R. Rosés will talk about growth, inequality and innovation.

The Silicon Valley model has contributed to wealth creation in recent decades. But how fair, widespread and inclusive was its distribution? Recent studies give an unprecedented perspective on inequalities between and within states. The causes are to be found in the trinomial technology, market and capitalism which, in the knowledge economy, has brought wealth to concentrate in some areas, mostly the urban ones. What is the nature and origin of these inequalities? What is the possible role of a new generation of companies and social innovators in the fairer redistribution of the value of knowledge and technology?

Coordinated by Riccardo Staglianò.

Where: Auditorium Vivaldi, piazza Carlo Alberto 5 A, Turin

More on: http://biennaledemocrazia.it/evento/contro-le-diseguaglianze-una-nuova-economia-della-conoscenza/