We have been accustomed to an economy that aims to make the most of everything we are given from the land and the soil in order to make a profit, without however thinking of future generations.

The benefit enterprise (RI)GENERIAMO – born from the collaboration between the Cooperativa Sociale Agricoltura Capodarco, the Associazione Bricolage del Cuore, the social enterprise ConVoi Lavoro, the Cooperativa Liberitutti with the support of Leroy Merlin Italia – aims to counter this “extractive” model with a “generative” model, which aims to include people and products, otherwise excluded, in the current market system, recognising their value and creating new perimeters.

Luca Pereno, Administrator of (RI)GENERIAMO, sat on the Bench-Mark bench to talk to us about it.

Interview by Francesco Antonioli.

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