Torino Social Impact, within the National Advisory Board Italy, has activated an important international collaboration as a promoter of the first edition of the Impact Narrative Award of GSG For Impact Investing aimed at selecting the best communication campaigns in the 32 countries of the international network.

The word “impact” is proliferating in marketing strategies, but an effective and compelling narrative about impact investing is still lacking. Impact investment means to optimise risk, return and impact to benefit people and the planet. Impact investment does so by setting specific social and environmental objectives alongside financial ones, and measuring their achievement.

As the impact investing movement continues to gain traction, the impact community remains fragmented and doesn’t speak with a unified voice about the impact opportunity and many people in finance and government aren’t aware about it yet. This all reduces awareness and slows the impact movement’s momentum and does not facilitate the adoption of impact investing to mainstream the solutions that drive a just and impact-led recovery as well as develop impact economies in the long term.
This will be achieved by creating a compelling impact narrative that is used by impact organisations (NABs, impact networks, etc.) to persuade two “powerbrokers”: the financial sector and governments.

An international award would improve understanding of impact investing and help raise awareness about its transformative power. This impact narrative award is aimed at recognising the best existing examples as well launching a new challenge to catalyse additional resources and competences.

The call will be issued in the spring and selection of the best campaigns will take place over the summer in order to be able to award the winners at the GSG Global Summit scheduled for October.

The GSG was established in August 2015 as a successor and complement to the work of the Task Force on Social Impact Investment established under the UK G8 Presidency. The GSG currently has over 30 countries plus the EU as members. Chaired by Sir Ronald Cohen, the GSG brings together leaders from the worlds of finance, business and philanthropy. Italy is one of the GSG members.