The campaign in support of Fooding has started!

Fooding is a project to fight poverty and food waste, promoted by Arci Torino on 4 municipalities in the province of Turin. It offers 4 popular canteens and day centers, 4 poles for the recovery and redistribution of unsold food, together with some orientation and consultancy activities to give those living on the margins of our society the tools to rebuild their own path of autonomy.

In 15 months of activity, more than 20,000 meals were guaranteed to over 600 people living in conditions of serious social marginalization. Over 30 tons of food have been recovered preventing food waste, and then redistributed to about 400 people and groups in economic difficulty.

The project is carried out with the contribution of the Ministry of Labor in collaboration with the Piedmont Region, the Municipality of Turin and the District 1. It has the patronage of the Municipality of Moncalieri and the Circumscriptions 1, 3 and 5 of the City of Turin.

In these days, solidarity and responsibility towards the community are fundamental. Fooding has NOT suspended its activities but has adapted them to ensure the safety of the operator and beneficiaries. The project continues because the emergency is worse for the most fragile and poorest people.

Distribution of ready meals to those who do not have a home to live in, delivery of food parcels at home to households most economically exposed to the social crisis within the emergency that we all live. With Fooding, we want to continue giving support to those who live in a condition of need, today more than ever, despite the increasing difficulties that activities are brought to face in the Covid-19 emergency. But to do this we need everyone’s contribution.

Feed this solidarity with us, with a donation you will allow Fooding to continue distributing ready meals to those in need!

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