For some years now, SEI’s mid-December agenda witnessed an important event: the DEMO DAY of SEI School’s path committed to bringing the best talents to high-tech innovation, SEI PIONEER. And this year is no exception. 

From December 18th, Google Platform will host teams made up of university students in an inspiring pitch challenge, presenting the innovative products they’ve been realizing during these first six months of the program. Each of them enrolled in ASP, Collegio Einaudi, and from SEIPlus association, received a challenge from international companies recognized as leaders in the tech field: GEDI Digital, Reply, COMAU, Leonardo, and SAP.

All these pitches will be published on SEI‘s Facebook page on December 18th.

You may cast your vote for your favorite pitch here, until Tuesday 22nd.

The Challenges

In these six months, each team has developed an innovative product based on a challenge issued by one of the project’s partner companies. Let’s see which ones. 

GEDI Digital and the master app that fosters conversion – Italy’s leading publishing group has identified a very precise objective with the launch of its challenge: encouraging user-to-subscriber conversion through a new “Master APP” with a focus on LaRepubblica.

Reply and the drones fleet – Reply’s challenge is flying towards the creation of a fleet of self-piloted and 5G tech-based drones. To win it, key features are building a fleet, prototyping a mission planner, creating a UTM platform – for collision avoidance and task management – and implementing 5G communication through an SDN controller.

COMAU and debris sorting – the challenge of this leading Italian robotics and automation company concerns the development of automation focused on the sorting phase of construction and demolition materials. This solution aims directly at the construction site following natural disasters but also planned demolitions in the various construction phases.

SAP and the CleanTech challenge – In the last six months, the team that took up SAP’s challenge worked on the realization of a CleanTech software solution. Its main focus is beyond providing a present energy consumption analysis in office buildings: it looks at the future. Thanks to its integration with a proprietary predictive algorithm, the software is able to provide energy managers with advice and best practices to make consumption optimization possible. 

Leonardo and drone management software – Active in the Aerospace, Defense and Security sector on a global scale, Leonardo has proposed to SEI students a challenge with a triple purpose: to create a software, a network, and an interface for the management of a fleet of drones to be applied to search and rescue situations. 

SEI Pioneer: a project of excellence in the field of innovation

SEI Pioneer is a one-year path of excellence that aims to turn the best talents into the high-tech innovation process leaders of tomorrow. From vision to prototyping, through ideation and value engineering, the SEI – School of Entrepreneurship & Innovation has accompanied the teams along the first path of innovation that will culminate on December 18th. In January, instead, the second phase of the process will be started with the aim of putting to use all the knowledge and skills acquired in the previous 6 months and launching their business idea. 

Save the date

On December 18th, all the pitches will be published on SEI’s Facebook page.

Until December 22nd, you can vote for your favorite pitch.