In the framework of the Digital Road to Mannheim promoted by the European Commission on April 29th, 2021, at 1:00 pm, Torino Social Impact contributes to the event Partnerships for maximizing social impact by organizing one of the working sessions.

The session “Multiplayer Local Partnerships for the Social Economy” will compare some EU cases, provide academic analysis and explore how these forms of cooperation strengthen the innovation capabilities of the partners, letting innovative solutions more likely to emerge than in situations where actors are acting alone without coordination. In addition to the clear advantages (knowledge sharing, advocacy, resources pooling, shared services, joint promotion, etc) local partnership, similarly to clusters mechanisms, lay on high-quality synergies and are able to facilitate profitable inner exchanges, boosting solutions and their scalability and replicability. These frameworks have proven their effectiveness during the COVID-19 outbreak emergency, when fast information circulation and quick actors coordination turned to be essential to meet the needs of different communities and people’s groups, and are now playing a key role in the recovery programs.

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  • Mario Calderini, spokesman of Torino Social Impact and full professor Politecnico of Milano
  • Karel Vanderpoorten, Policy Officer Social Economy DG Grow
  • Luigi Martignetti, Secretary General of REVES

Good practices

  • Anders Bro, Coordinator Partnership for Social Innovation Örebro County
  • Elisa Rosso, Senior Advisor and Projects Coordinator, Torino Social Impact
  • Coos Santing, Programm Manager Impact Economy, ImpactCity The Hague

Session Moderator: Raffaella Scalisi, Senior Advisor Torino Social Impact

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