The European Journal of Social Impact and Circular Economy, born during the first course on Social Impact Assessment, is organizing the first conference “How Social Impact and Circular Economy meet Digital Transformation?” in which all Torino Social Impact partners are invited to participate.

The workshop will consider papers of theoretical and empirical nature respectively (the topics are reported in the Call for Paper).

The conference, free, given the current situation, will be realized on a digital platform.


The growing attention to social issues goes hand in hand with the need to reverse the ongoing climate change.
The connection between the two themes is simple. Our planet in its fragility requires alternative economic systems based on an enormous respect for shared resources. At the same time, more and more people remain marginalized, and this requires companies to take increasing responsibility for social redistribution.
It is therefore necessary for companies to develop new models that, while drawing on the one hand on the smallest possible number of resources, on the other hand distribute the social impact to stakeholders.
The technology sector, in its many forms, shows enormous potential for organization, design, adaptation and reporting on change. To this end, we launch a discussion on how social impact and the circular economy meet digital transformation.


To stimulate theoretical discussion on the previous main themes;
To discover case studies and practitioners’ views on the social impact and circular economy among digital transformations.