Atelier of the hybrid enterprise continues, and the next appointment with the Academy will be Monday, November 9 with the lessons of room 5: “Standard and creativity”.
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Futuro Prossimo, a series of meetings with big names from the economy, business, research and institutions, started this week: 6 digital talks, free of charge, open to the public and live streaming, to discuss some of the crucial issues on the horizon of the hybrid enterprise: finance, technological innovation, politics, circular economy, diversity.

Banking foundations are changing their skin, and are fast approaching the hybridization of models. Alberto Francesco Anfossi (Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation), Massimo Lapucci (FONDAZIONE CRT) and Andrea Silvestri (Fondazione CRC) talked about it in the first live digital talk “The social antidote. The new attitude of banking foundations”.

In this article Annalisa Magone, Co-founder of Atelier of the hybrid enterprise, pulls the strings of the event in a reflection on the change taking place, the role of foundations and the impact that their action has had and has on the territories in which they operate.

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