Here’s the first edition of 2021 of the Mercato della biodiversità Googreen organised by Giardino Forbito. Like every second Sunday of the month, the Sambuy Gardens come back to life and become a perfect city oasis where we can celebrate the beauty of nature and the goodness of our local products.

  • From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Googreen producers selected by Giardino Forbito will be back, as always, to represent seasonal excellence.
  • At the “spazio delle idee”, set up with ivy thanks to the Vivai Giani, Marzia Gullino, entrepreneur and creative farmer, will bring her garlands to life, teaching us how to weave willow branches into hearts to give or hang on our doors.
  • Anna Fantini will introduce us to BanAnna Kitchen, her food delivery project active from November 2020, and will contribute to the #cifailaspesa fundraiser with the sale of her picnics.
  • The Amado Association will propose love poems to the public, silently read by Silent Book Torino and street artists supported by Arthecity will animate our gardens.
  • at 3 pm we’ll meet Tobees. The musical project conceived by Marna Fumarola, violinist and beekeeper, Alessio Mosti, electronic composer and Azzurra Fragale, director and sound designer, to develop soundtracks for biodiversity.
  • The lowered shutters of the Sambuy gazebo will remain to support the small but precious exhibition curated by Giardino forbito and created by the students of class 5E of the Liceo Regina Margherita in Turin for the “FAI parlare la città” project.