Climate change is the most critical challenge of our time. The impacts of global warming, including droughts, storms and other extreme weather events, are already being severely felt around the world. Urgent and sustained action must be taken both to mitigate climate change and to adapt to what is already inevitable.

Green Growth Generation is proud to be a partner of FARClimate, a Horizon-funded project that aims to implement transformative solutions on the path towards climate resilience in at least 20 regions and communities across Europe. The project addresses the complex challenges of developing and expanding climate resilience strategies, making them available and understandable to all, paying particular attention to the social, political and economic barriers commonly found.

To launch the project in the Turin area, GGG has organised, in collaboration with Rete ONG, Fiësca Verd and Fuori di Palazzo, an inaugural event to be held on Thursday 11 July at 5pm at the Orto Boschetto. The event will include a participatory workshop based on the Living Lab methodology, with the aim of promoting hands-on learning and active participation. This initiative will offer community members the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities and meet representatives of Turin’s community gardens. By bringing together different perspectives and experiences, we aim to strengthen the local social network and improve the collective impact on sustainable urban development.