On Monday 2nd and 9th May, the CUAP – “Social Impact Evaluation” university course will host the presentations of the 14 research projects carried out in groups by the 80 participants of the third edition.

Also in this edition, carried out completely online, the learners applied in the field what they learned in class, actively experiencing what it means to create a “value chain” or identify the main stakeholders of a project.

Looking at the numbers of the course, an interesting aspect that emerged is that about 70% of the learners who have participated in CUAP over time are women. Having reached this third experience, this is indeed a trend.

Another important point is the presence, among the students, of representatives of the Public Administration. This underscores, once again, how the issue of Social Impact Assessment related to the reporting of projects linked to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRP) is becoming of interest even at the governance level.

Given the interest in the course, not only at the local level, the organizers are planning the closing conference of this edition, which will be open as well as presentation days for continuing education and maintenance of certification as “Impact Evaluators”, and will take place within the International Festival of Economics that will take place in Turin from May 31 to June 4, 2022.