Whether they are inside a condominium or around a school, courtyards are spaces of passage or meeting places extremely experienced by their users – even if not always in a fully conscious way – that can become real bridges between the different communities that surround them. For Bottom Up!, the festival promoted by Fondazione per l’architettura / Torino and by the Order of Architects of Turin, two projects have chosen to enhance this type of place by returning it to the community to its full potential: Cortile Mondo, la natura si fa scuola and Corti.lì_Spazio e tempo per essere.
This is what the two proposals consist of and how to support them.

Cortile Mondo, la natura si fa scuola

Did you know that 90% of Marc Chagall kindergarten students in the Aurora district are citizens of the world? To enhance this wealth and combat school segregation, the Cortile Mondo project aims to create an inclusive path for a united school community. How? Through an intervention that transforms the schoolyard into a public space open to the neighbourhood and the city, with workshops and activities for all. To carry out the project, the goal to be reached is 6,000 euros and among the rewards up for grabs are pins and handmade bags. Among the next scheduled events, the meeting “Cortile Mondo guarda la città” on Friday, October 9 at 5.30 pm promoted in the setting of Torino Design of the City to reflect together with Maurizio Cilli and the City Councillor Marco Giusta. Appointment directly at the school, at Marc Chagall in via Cecchi 2 in Turin: download the poster and confirm your presence at cortilemondo@gmail.com.
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Corti.lì_Spazio e tempo per essere

Every day in the tree-lined courtyards communicating between Via delle Rosine and Via Giolitti students, families and inhabitants of the neighbourhood pass by. These are intensely lived-in spaces with a thousand potentialities, shared by different target groups and heterogeneous souls and for which a project is needed to transform them into real places of reference for all; Corti.lì‘s proposal aims to respond to the citizens’ need to have a space open to all, attractive and inclusive, where urban regeneration can also become social regeneration. The goal is 5,000 euros! Among the next scheduled events, the concert of the flutist Peter-Lukas Graf on Saturday, October 3 at 7.30 pm at the Church of Santa Pelagia in via San Massimo 21, promoted in the setting of Torino Design of the City: subscribe to the Facebook event or download the poster.
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These are only two of the projects of the festival Bottom Up!; to know and support all the others go to the page crowdfunding.bottomuptorino.it
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