Bottom Up is the new architecture festival of Turin promoted by the Order of Architects and the Foundation for Architecture / Turin, which will be held from 1 to 10 May 2020.

It is possible to participate now by applying for projects for the transformation of the Turin area, which will be promoted and accompanied on a path of realization. The deadline for submitting proposals is 16 January 2020.

Bottom Up! is a festival that has the ambition to generate new architectures and urban transformations from the “bottom up”. A great call to designers and city associations that transforms the festival into a great process of collective crowdfunding. In fact, the festival is first and foremost a search (and accompaniment) for ideas and proposals for the real transformation of the spaces and places of our city. From ideas to the network of social relations, communication strategies, fundraising, up to the next start of work.

The call – available on the festival’s website – is designed for groups of citizens, schools, artists and collectives, associations, companies, designers, project holders, budgets and possible supporters. Projects may concern indoor or outdoor spaces, abandoned (or heavily frequented) places, public, collective or private places, gardens, parks, courtyards, residual spaces, underused buildings, kiosks, vacant shops or building covers. A single constraint: that at least one architect is present in the proposing group.

The 12 most interesting proposals are offered participation in a training course that will provide all the tools to build the most appropriate and effective crowdfunding campaign. How crowdfunding works, storytelling and stoytelling, effective use of digital and social tools.