Giardino Forbito presents Googreen Regions of Italy, the Biodiversity Market on a national scale.

In the evocative Piazza Cavour, in the heart of Turin’s historic garden, two days dedicated to the agricultural, nursery and food and wine excellence of the Bel Paese in a showcase of those that are fundamental presidia of our territory, points of arrival and departure together of the vast and unique cultural heritage that belongs to us.

A circuit of conscious producers, secular actors in the places of our land, attentive to the impact on nature and the earth, who adopt criteria of eco-sustainability in the management of their companies in respect of the territory and good practices. A space is also dedicated to non-profit organisations, cooperatives or consortia dedicated to the principles of circular economy and inclusion. With the one great objective of spreading good, healthy, ethical food, made to sow culture.

Two days dedicated to the promotion of the best products – active online with Googreen shop all year round so that we can all become partners in the change underway, in support of the innovative cultural and environmental policies that are so necessary today.