On Sunday 11 April 2021, with spring now in full swing, the #Googreen Biodiversity Market celebrates active nature and all its potential at Giardino Sambuy, which, like every second Sunday of the month, comes back to life to be a place for meeting, good practices, exchanges and seasonal stories.

  • From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. – Googreen producers selected by Giardino Forbito will be back, as always, to represent seasonal excellence.

This month’s Spazio delle Idee is dedicated, on the subject of active nature, to the knowledge and application of the plants and herbs most useful to our well-being.

  • 11 am: HEMP. An appointment with Maestro Bruno Tessa, hemp spinner from Coazze and a profound connoisseur of history, who will talk about this ancient craft and what an incredible plant hemp is. In collaboration with Ecomuseo di Coazze and live on Facebook.
  • 12pm: NATURAL DYES. An appointment with Claudio Vitali, the story of Passione Natura and the years dedicated to phytotherapeutic research, to the precious medicines distilled from cannabis, rosemary, thyme and the infinite range offered by nature. Live on Facebook.
  • 2 p.m.: ARTEMISIA. Appointment with Stefano Nervi, organic mugwort grower, who collects and dries the buds naturally to make infusions, tisanes and decoctions, oleoliths, mother tinctures, toothpastes, bitters and syrups, dream pads, smudges and cigars for moxa. Live on Facebook.
  • 4 pm: SAGE. An appointment with herb master Marco Gramaglia to discover what is much more than a kitchen herb, and whose name already contains the answer to its innumerable powers. Live on Facebook.

And then, like every Sunday, let’s protect biodiversity by supporting the collection of signatures promoted by the European Union: “Let’s save bees and farmers” and the lowered shutters of the Sambuy gazebo will remain in support of the small precious exhibition for the “FAI parlare la città” project.