Registration – types of users

The promoters or partners of Torino Social Impact (i.e. subscribers of the Memorandum of Understanding) can register to the portal.

The Chamber of Commerce of Turin reserve the right not to accept the registration to the platform of subjects that do not fall within the type indicated in the previous paragraph. The use of false data, i.e. the use of the identity of others, will be legally prosecuted (art. 494 of the Italian Penal Code).

Registered users can: enter the profile of their organisation in the ECOSYSTEM section, propose a form for each activity and initiative promoted by their organisation, in line with social innovation issues in the WHAT WE DO, propose news to highlight projects, events or anything else proposed by their organisation in the NEWS section. The methods of publication of the contents on the platform are illustrated in detail in the “User Manual” available in the TAKE PART section.

Users responsibilities

Each user will be responsible for maintaining his or her own access credentials to the portal and disseminating them within his or her organisation.

The Chamber of Commerce of Turin is not responsible for the incorrect or improper use of the Torino Social Impact portal by registered users of the portal, or for the content entered by them, each user being responsible for its correct use and for the legality of the content and opinions shared therein.

In accordance with current regulations, it is therefore forbidden to use the Torino Social Impact portal for purposes other than to discuss, share events, activities and proposals relating to the areas of interest of Torino Social Impact, more specifically:

  • to insert or share, directly or indirectly through links, contents that are considered in violation, in any form, of the fundamental rights of the person;
  • insert or share, directly or indirectly through links, data, images, videos or photographs relating to third parties without having obtained explicit consent;
  • insert or share, directly or indirectly through links, any content that violates the secrecy of communications, industrial and intellectual property rights, or the rules in force relating to the protection of personal data;
  • reproduce, distribute, share content, information or images, directly or indirectly through links, which are available to other users without their express permission;
  • use the portal for advertising purposes.

In case of improper conduct, such as those listed above, the registered user may be temporarily suspended, or may not access the editable sections of the portal, or the content entered will be deleted, without prejudice, where appropriate, for civil or criminal liability that may be detected by the competent authority.

In the event that the content introduced incorporates a link to external sites, the Chamber of Commerce of Turin cannot be held responsible for damage or prejudice deriving from access to the link and its contents.

In the event that users of the portal, or third parties, should, for any reason, initiate a legal dispute, the Chamber of Commerce of Turin shall be considered excluded from any liability in cases of claims, requests, damages of any kind, related or derived from such dispute.