On Monday, June 15, the survey on the needs of the Third Sector, launched on May 21 following the Covid-19 emergency thanks to the collaboration between TSI and Italia non profit, was concluded. The first data are very interesting and begin to underline the possible signs of transformation of the Third Sector on the organizational and digital theme.

The survey proposal was positively received: 212 entities participated between Piedmont, Lombardy and Valle d’Aosta. Of the 176 Piedmontese subjects (81%) the majority is distributed within the Metropolitan City of Turin, only 11% is outside the province of Turin.

Among the subjects interviewed, the prevailing legal form is the association (72%). 19% are social cooperatives, 8% foundations and 1% social enterprises.

What were the immediate consequences of the Covid-19 emergency? For 37% of the subjects, activities during the emergency halved, 30% stopped completely and only 5% continued as before.
The survey also focused on the impact of the Coronavirus on the long term: 96 subjects imagine that their revenue will be reduced by between 20% and 50% in 2021, another 96 respondents estimate a reduction greater than 50%, for 49 it will be less than 20% and only 15 subjects think they will not suffer a reduction in revenue.

To conclude, thanks to the survey, it can be noted that the entities will react to the long tail of the shock generated through the launch of new activities (57.7%), with investments in advertising (44%), internal productivity (40%), new volunteers (34.27%) and fundraising (32%).

Thanks to Italia non profit for its collaboration in the survey and to all those who participated and disseminated the initiative. The survey will soon continue with an in-depth analysis of the data that emerged and a comparison of the data of the metropolitan city and the national territory, while it will proceed on a qualitative level.