The Giacomo Brodolini Foundation takes part to the SOLIVID project, an international open database for sharing solidarity and civil activism initiatives in the fight of the crisis of Covid19.

In particular, the project aims to acquire information on two main areas:

1 / Maps and digital networks that collect solidarity initiatives in response to the Coronavirus crisis in various territorial areas around the world.

2 / Concrete solidarity initiative with the following general characteristics:

  • An altruistic initiative that does not involve any type of monetary exchange and not for profit
  • Collective initiative involving a certain degree of social organization (and therefore not only found on a personal basis)
  • Initiatives aimed at responding to plural collective needs (linked to personal care, education, housing, leisure, physical activity, culture …)
  • Initiative that represents a response expressly referred to the Coronavirus crisis, implemented by groups born in this period or new activities of groups already operating in the area.

The project, conceived by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​already has numerous partners all over the world (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal) and sees, in addition to the Brodolini Foundation, also the participation of the Italian University such as the University Federico II and the IUAV of Venice, as well as other foreign universities such as the Universitat de Girona, the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Maximum participation and collaborative action is encouraged.

For more information and to enter your initiative in the database: