SmartCommunities conference is the annual national meeting organised by the Italian SmartCommunities Cluster.

It will be held online on the 13th April 2021 from 9.00 to 17.00 and will be mainly in Italian, with the exception of some of the key speakers.

The Conference 2021 is focused on Digital Transformation and intends to propose a reflection and a comparison to look carefully at the Covid-19 changes, understand how the digital transition has changed and is changing our communities and their needs, and propose solutions to seize new opportunities from this “new normality”.

The conference will have an opening session and 3 thematic sessions presenting innovation projects for the management of urban and metropolitan areas, particularly in 3 topics:

  • Smart and collaborative mobility (intelligent mobility of goods and people).
  • Smart and secure living (urban security, protection of the territory and critical infrastructures, prevention of critical or risk events, IT security of data and their use)
  • Smart and inclusive government (relationship between public administrations and citizens, participation and social inclusion, processes and service management).

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