Da Capo is a project of generative economy promoted by the social cooperative Giuliano Accomazzi, born in Turin in 1989, which for over 30 years has focused on the value of people, the value of rights, the value of the meeting, taking care of people and the environment by regenerating social tissues and contributing to the well-being of the community.

The Project develops around the idea of giving life to used garments and at the same time offering people the opportunity to get back into the game through work paths: regeneration therefore not only of objects but also of relations both territorial and human given by the creation of a network of traders and inhabitants who live in and near Piazza Savoia where the store is located.

In this last year, despite the difficulties and obstacles brought by the pandemic that have seen the opening of the store’s commercial activity, some significant initiatives have been developed: Covid’s arrest turned out to be a time for reflection on new perspectives and skills development and the creation of a network of contacts in the district where Da Capo operates.

The project has the ambition to become a reference point for the community by promoting relationships based on the exchange of opportunities.

During the summer of 2020, a tailoring workshop was set up, equipped with industrial sewing machines and an ironing station, a space in which women, in employment, had the opportunity to experiment and learn sartorial skills.

This has allowed the workers involved in the project, even during the closing of the store in lockdown last November, to give a second life to the garments not only through repairs, but also through refashion and upcycling in the perspective of a truly circular economy.

A Crowdfunding campaign called Da Capo Baby was also launched: thanks to the contribution of 127 donors, it was possible to create 20 birth kits consisting of clothing and products for the newborn and new mother,for 20 families living in a situation of fragility but also books, clothes, linen and hygiene products have been collected, all goods with which new kits will be made or which, simply, can be donated to other families.

From Capo not only stops at a store, but becomes a real reference point of a positive movement: customers contribute with the donation of clothes, propose new ideas and become ambassadors of a brand that “sees no flaws but only diversity, the positive, stimulating.”

Watch the new video of the project to learn more.

Da Capo is part of the 15 generative welfare projects of Torino Social Factory program of the City of Turin, co-funded by the National Metropolitan City Operational Program and the European Union, European Social Fund, made as part of Torino Social Impact.

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