It started the fundraising campaign, organized by Arci Torino, for the restart of the Circolo l’Anatra Zoppa in via Courmayeur 5: a project to reopen the historic club of the city, a place that for more than 30 years has intertwined the individual and collective history of many and many, for Barriera di Milano as well as for all of Turin.

In the last year it has been a place of solidarity in the emergency , of response to the social crisis arising with the pandemic: hundreds of families in the territory have found here a material and immaterial support, as well as one of the few spaces of relationship with others.

Many families have crossed this place in the last year and they will be the first to participate, through workshops of DIY, open to citizenship, to give new life to a place so dear to all.

The aim of the campaign is to return to fill the space of Via Courmayeur 5, when more than ever its protagonists have missed it, to regenerate spaces of common life and collective care.

The Restart Zoppa Duck project wants to be a common heritage, where anyone can feel at home.

Support the project and participate in the fundraising.