How can we use words to create a social impact? In fact, through narration, it is possible to change the way in which we relate to some problems. By telling stories we can create empathy and approach a problem, which when looked closely, in a personal way, becomes often also ours. Most impact and non-profit organizations have now recognized how crucial storytelling is for their communication in fundraising campaigns and more.


With the “Impact Hub Workbench” workshops we want to set up your work desk with the right tools and knowledge to build, shape and develop your impact business! To do this, we collaborate with important companies and professionals in the sector.


h 18.00: Welcome

h 18.15: Workbench | Social Storytelling

h 19.15: Q&A

h 19.30: Networking

h 20.00: Check-out

Participation to the Workbench is free, but it is better to reserva a seat on Eventbrite.