Within the rich schedule of the Italian Tech Week, which will be held in Turin from 24 to 30 June 2019, Torino Social Impact is promoting the event Impact-Ability, organized in collaboration with Reale Mutua and Il Sole 24 Ore.

The impact economy is a new entrepreneurial and financial paradigm that, through the overcoming of the traditional notion of social responsibility, aims to implement initiatives with a high social impact and capable of exercising a transformative force in society. This revolution is interpreted by a new generation of companies that know how to combine the ability to intentionally produce positive social impacts with sustainability and the economic and financial profitability of their initiatives.

The seminar has the ambition to understand in what form the cooperation and competition between third sector subjects, traditional for-profit companies and financial investors can foster the emergence of new models of entrepreneurship capable of responding to the great emerging social challenges along new development trajectories that integrate innovation and sustainability.

During the event, three panels will be held:

– In the first panel, profit companies will be asked to tell how they interpret the challenge to social impact.

– During the second panel, technology-intensive social enterprises will tell their success stories.

– During the third panel, the word will pass to investors, who will explain what factors can determine whether or not they support tech4impact projects.

A radical and systemic approach at the same time, which highlights how it is possible to merge social impact objectives with the use of advanced technological models but also how enabling ecosystems may favor the birth and development of new business models based on these objectives.

The eventi will be an occasion to present and present selected projects with a social and technological impact and a moment of encounter with protagonists of the national and international impact investing scene.

Afterwards, visit to the Reale Mutua Historical Museum.

The event will be held at the Reale Mutua Auditorium, in Via Bertola 48C. To register, please complete the form at the following link.