The recent rediscovery by many users of the vast trail network a stone’s throw from the city center of Turin has certainly brought countless benefits to the citizens who can practice sports and relax in the outdoors just a few minutes from the city. In Turin a short walk of a few minutes is sometimes all it takes to go from the urban environment to enchanting paths immersed in the green of the hills.

This surge in user numbers however, has brought increasing pressure on the trails that after the first lock down were literally filled with sports and nature enthusiasts.

For this reason, the representatives of various groups of off-road cyclists have deemed necessary to anticipate the arise of any problems due to the massive increase in attendance in the Turin woods by promoting an initiative aimed at raising awareness among bikers to respect other users and the trails.

Thus, in the days preceding the weekend of Easter, the information panels of the “keyword: respect” campaign were installed on the notice boards along the panoramic road (Via dei Colli) that connects Superga to Pino Torinese. The initiative is promoted by CAI Section of Pino Torinese and IMBA Italy in collaboration with the Piedmontese Po Protected Areas Park Authority and the support of GS Sassi, Greentoso, SingleTrack Torino and Di Tutti i Sentieri.

The panels begin with a “Welcome on the Turin trails: do your part and respect these simple rules for the sustainable use of MTB in this beautiful place” and list the ten basic rules that every biker should respect for a good coexistence with all the other users of the trails and respect for nature:

  1. Respect nature
  2. Plan your rides
  3. Stay on the trail
  4. Don’t ride muddy trails
  5. Don’t modify the trails
  6. Ride carefully
  7. Respect other users
  8. Announce your arrival
  9. Give way
  10. Overtake safely

For those wishing to learn more about this topic, an article has been published on the IMBA Italia website that explains the birth of the project and the full trail etiquette (Italian only).

This campaign was enthusiastically welcomed by many two-wheel enthusiasts (and hikers too) who wrote to the various promoting associations supporting the initiative. Given the considerable success, we hope that the project will soon be extended to other areas characterized by a multi-user use of the trail network.

IMBA Italia is pleased to be one of the leading bodies of the project and wishes that the awareness campaign will help all trail users to enjoy the natural environment in harmony while minimizing their impact on it.