Pandan Social Hub, whose headquarters is in the heart of the district of San Salvario, is the project managed by the Cooperative Esserci that for more than 30 years offers services to people, in the territory of Turin, with the aim of helping them to feel better.

The project is born from the desire to promote a conscious and sustainable approach to living and consumption in economic, environmental, social and cultural terms; through the promotion of the culture of artisanal work attentive to the quality of raw materials, the marketing of environmentally friendly products and the enhancement of social and cooperative work.

Pandan Social Hub diversifies its activities on two levels:

The business plan with:
a bar and diner, which become a place of exchange, chatter, meetings and events;

The social plan with:
1. Financial Assistance Desk: assistance and assistance to people who are in difficulty in their economic management at home (family budget management, indebtedness and over-indebtedness, definition of relationships with banks, finance, pathological gambling, banking and criminal usury).

2. . Alzheimer’s coffee: active since 2020, it supports families who have loved ones who are suffering from dementia with the help of professionals who can meet informally, spending a few hours in a friendly atmosphere and focused on listening.

Pandan Social Hub is primarily a physical and virtual space that holds together chanting (fa Pandan) people, food, services, conviviality, protagonism and proximity: in fact, most of the people who attend the club have a relationship with all those who work there because you just want to give a different cut both from the commercial and from the social point of view.

Pandan also promotes the employment of people with disabilities, and in the last year an indefinite contract has been concluded for a person with intellectual disabilities, within the premises. Starting next June, with the evening opening, will be added to the staff another boy with intellectual disabilities.

The project started at the same time as the Covid-19, but this was not an obstacle, but it gave rise to the possibility of having a greater design and of being able to establish new relationships that have proved useful for the continuation of the various initiatives promoted that obviously had a brief setback but then they immediately resumed and continue to be carried forward in these months.

Watch the new video of the project to learn more.

Pandan Social Hub is part of the 15 generative welfare projects of Torino Social Factory program of the City of Turin, co-funded by the National Metropolitan City Operational Program and the European Union, European Social Fund, made as part of Torino Social Impact.

For more information on the Torino Social Factory program and the other 14 projects that are part of it go to this link.