On Monday, June 15 2020, the quantitative survey on the state of health of Third Sector organizations in the territory and the emerging needs of this sector was concluded.

Thanks to the partnership with Italianonprofit, the survey was carried out by Torino Social Impact to map in real-time the consequences of Coronavirus on non-profit organizations in the Liguria, Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta ecosystem, with particular attention to the metropolitan city of Turin.

Through a short questionnaire, the Third Sector entities were able to tell what needs and difficulties they are experiencing at this particular time. In fact, many of the initiatives in the square have been canceled or postponed until a date to be set. Many of the services aimed at disadvantaged people cannot be provided and, if the extraordinary measures will continue for a long time, it will be increasingly difficult to find coverage for all management costs. The survey, which collected data directly from non-profits, will focus on the priority needs of organizations in the very short to medium term. This picture, which is constantly updated, will also serve to guide the definition of intervention programs. Furthermore, an in-depth qualitative survey will soon follow.

Thanks to all the 212 participants who wanted to give their organization a voice.

The results will soon be available.