Vasté Impresa sociale is a project of excellence in the world of gastronomy, born from the merger between Progetto Tenda Lavoro – a social cooperative which aims to include vulnerable people in its staff- and Ditta Valente, which sinks its roots in over 130 years of experience and Piedmontese enogastronomic tradition. The use of top quality materials, the care in preparing dishes and the attention to service are the hallmarks of Vasté. The search for sustainable agricultural products, the attention to the reduction of waste, to workers and the commitment for the work inclusion of fragile people, make Vasté a company with a strong social impact. Vasté offers catering services with the Valente catering and Mondi a Tavola brands. It manages 2 venues, the Vasté bistrò, one in the San Salvario district and one in the Vanchiglietta district in Turin and a cooking center for the preparation of dishes for social and corporate canteens. 

The MISSION of Vasté Impresa sociale is to “Offer high quality gastronomy, linked to the Piedmontese tradition but open to innovation and contamination, to satisfy every customer. We focus on the well-being of our employees and we promote training and work inclusion processes for vulnerable individuals in a harmonious working environment; we identify sustainable supply chains, with particular attention to local producers and we are committed to minimizing food waste by donating unused and processed materials. “

The business idea was developed on the basis of a social business model canvas in which a business model was defined, highlighting not only the classic elements of a business model (resources, activities, customers, value proposition for the market), but also social value, the measurement of impact and profit; the latter with reference to its investment destination for achieving the social impact objectives of Vasté Impresa sociale.

The social enterprise Vasté was born from the goal of reconciling the dual soul of the project, economic and social. For Vasté, the creation of economic value is not the main purpose, but the means to generate the resources required to achieve the objectives of social and environmental sustainability.

The strong impact vocation has naturally led Vasté to join the Torino Social Impact ecosystem.