Vale Un Sogno 2, a type A and B social cooperative society, was founded in 2016 on the initiative of the non-profit foundation Più di Un Sogno Onlus and a group of families from Turin, with the aim of offering adequate responses to the needs of social inclusion and job placement of young people with intellectual disabilities and Down’s syndrome.

Over time, the organisation has worked to place on the territory the values and methods of approach to fragility that characterize it, interacting with families, other institutions and the business world.

Vale Un Sogno 2 bases its activities on the principles of sharing, volunteering and subsidiarity, through a network of organisations and people who work together to achieve its objectives.

The services offered are provided under the medical direction of a team of psychologists/psychotherapists and professional educators who are attentive to the quality of services, efficiency and monitoring of results.

The general aim of the organisation is to create personalised, coordinated and continuous educational paths which, as part of a Life Project aimed at the needs of people with intellectual disabilities, prepare them to leave family life and start life in society.

This preparation takes place through the provision of suitable services and activities, with a view to well-being, encouraging self-determination and autonomy, and guaranteeing rights and equal opportunities.

Thanks to previous esteemed relationships, a partnership was gradually set up between Vale Un Sogno 2 and a cosmetics company with its operational headquarters in the first belt of northern Turin, which already in 2016 made it possible to offer beneficiaries training and work placement paths with the free availability of premises within their factory.

These paths were subsequently accompanied and supported by the social enterprise activity, carried out in the same plant, with the entrusting to the organisation of a work order to favour the partial sustainability of the project.