Uscire Insieme ONLUS aims to promote assistance and orientation services in support of home care, supporting caregivers and families in the knowledge of the services available in each territory, in the acquisition of basic digital skills and in the use of technological solutions in welfare and health sectors.

Founders of the Association are Marchisio Loris (Social Change Manager), Bertone Marco and Costamagna Giuseppe.

Covid-19 pandemic has made clear the need to find innovative and practical solutions to emerging difficulties, transforming the risks associated with the strong implementation of digital solutions into concrete opportunities to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable people, supporting caregivers and family members .

The Association’s motto is “We help those who help”.

Uscire Insieme ONLUS is part of a national and European ecosystem and is a member of important entities including the Silver Economy Network and Age Platform Europe. The Association’s network is made up of non-profit and for-profit enterprises, public administrations and third sector entities that act in a subsidiary manner, with the aim of transferring best practices to the entities and organizations closest to the citizen.

Uscire Insieme ONLUS manages a WhatsApp broadcast, “Vicini col CUORE”, through which it broads entertainment content for the elderly with registered people from 5 Italian regions. It also manages the Toll Free Number for the Elderly 800-767-800 through which it provides information to caregivers and families on the services and technological solutions available to support people’s home care.

Since its foundation in 2017, Uscire Insieme ONLUS is based on a board of directors made up of 3 people and its president is Marchisio Loris, born in 1980, with experience in the field of Smart Manufacturing & Digitalization. After twenty years of experience in the industrial sector at European level, he decided to bet on his future, radically changing his profession, driven by the strong desire to put his skills at the service of something useful for the community.