TriM _Translate into Meaning is a start-up dedicated to bridge the gap between technology, data and decision making. With a wide national and  international experience, TriM experts support their partners (institutions, non profit-organisations, companies, athletes) in developing interventions aiming citizens active participation in data collection, mapping and analysis, especially concerning the environment and the climate, also concerning forecast and alert systems.

Starting from open-source technologies, TriM has developed a Mobile App for the collection of geolocalized data in real time, such as quantitative and qualitative textual, numerical and multimedia information (video, photo or audio) through an Android-based smartphone and of an Interactive Mapping Platform to facilitate the access, analysis and sharing of data across the different actors.

TriM multidisciplinary team adopts a participatory approach and focus on training of partner organisations to ensure sustainability and ownership of the management of the new technologies introduced and the achieved results.