Social Community Theatre (SCT) Centre is a research/action centre established as a result of a meeting between the Humanities Department of the University of Turin, Teatro Popolare Europeo and Corep, a non-profit consortium.

Directed by Alessandra Rossi Ghiglione, with Alessandro Pontremoli’s scientific supervision, the SCT Centre’s intergenerational team  works in cooperation with scholars, artists, organizers, researchers and professionals. In synergy with a broad network of national and international partners, it realizes culturally innovative research and projects with a substantive social impact and with a particular focus on health promotion and cultural diversity and offsetting inequalities.
The Social Community Theatre Methodology was born in Turin and employs a multidisciplinary approach that works within a specific model of intervention with cultural, psychosocial and wellbeing objectives and it aims at individuals, groups, organizations and communities. Nowadays it is recognized an European best practice in the area of cultural welfare and audience engagement.

Areas of intervention

  • Culture and Communities
  • Education and Life Skills Development
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Cooperation and Emergency Contexts
  • Evaluation and Research