Scuola Capitale Sociale is a new school which aims at offering a complementary training offer to ordinary academic education. The School has been created to connect experiences, knowledge and visions, enhancing cooperation among change-makers, with  a local based program but with a global vision, coherent with the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda.

We want to teach methods, practical skills and replicable techniques, which have been tested on the ground, with professional trainers who know how to apply the tools they offer, on the basis of a practical experience and a strong ideal spirit in the public interest. Our goal is to provide decision makers with practical information to develop private and public policies, to provide professionals and managers with use cases and experiences to refer to for a change in their daily work, to provide citizens with the tools for an effective active participation in the political domain, according to the principles of deliberative democracy.

Our training method is based on a strong engagement of participants. We use mixed and integrated working methods, with the micro-planning of each lesson: group discussions, creativity, text editing, surveys, introspection, visioning activities, workshops on projects, listening and conflict mediation techniques.