The History and Mission of Réseau Entreprendre Piemonte

Réseau Entreprendre Piemonte (REP) is a non-profit association that has the aims to support and creat new business.

Born in Turin in 2010, with local branches in Turin, Alessandria, Alba and Cuneo, Biella and Ivrea.

REP adheres the Réseau Entreprendre® model and brand, an international network spread in 11 countries around the world and with more than 14,500 entrepreneurs, socially engaged for supporting the birth of new entrepreneurs, with the aim of : restore value to the territories to which they belong, promote entrepreneurship and the creation of new jobs. Thanks to the Réseau model, 130,000 jobs have been created and / or saved worldwide since 1986.

This activity is well summed up in Réseau’s motto: “To create new jobs, we create entrepreneurs”.

REP therefore works thanks to the free and secular initiative of entrepreneurs from the Piedmont area who adhere to an Ethical Charter based on three indissociable values:


The focus of Réseau and his accompaniment is on the person and on entrepreneurial and human potential. The association accompanies potential new entrepreneurs who have in mind, to generate value and new jobs in the area;


All the support and accompaniment services aimed at beneficiary new entrepreneurs are provided free of charge and thanks to the work of the Réseau mentors, entrepreneurs and senior professionals who make their time available to support the startups entered into the path and programs of accompaniment of the Association. The mentors of REP carry out this activity completely free of charge and self-tax to be part of the Association in order to contribute to the operating budget of the association.


The exchange, sharing and continuous discussion between senior entrepreneurs and junior entrepreneurs enriches the common vision of REP making it a generative organization  for the territory and the community.

Free Services for Startups

The Association offers a free accompaniment program for the new entrepreneur, according to a specific methodology and operating procedures, divided into the following phases:

  1. Reception and Orientation of the Neo-entrepreneur candidate: a series of meetings to verify the eligibility requirements, the entrepreneurial potential and the development stage of the business project;
  2. Entering the project Professionalization path: to detect the needs and enhance the skills of the new entrepreneur, a task force of mentors is identified to support the candidate in the evolution of his project and in the preparation of the Business Plan;
  3. Validation of the Neo-entrepreneur and the Business Plan: the Business Plan created is submitted to the Association’s Validation Committee, whitch made up of different mentors than those who supported the candidate in the professionalization phase; the Committee has the task of validating the new entrepreneur and can express itself only by unanimous votes.
  4. Ex post accompaniment: once the validation of the Committee has been obtained, the candidate becomes an accompanied neo-entrepreneur and benefits from a further 2-3 years of free accompaniment, divided into: individual mentoring, collective training through the formula of the Neo-entrepreneurs Club , support for Access to Credit thanks to the REP Guarantee Fund, and finally, facilitation for the development oo national and international Network through the Réseau.

Specific Accompaniment Programs

The accompanying services of REP are open to all startups, as long as they have the aim of creating new jobs, without a sector prevalence area and / or priority. Over the years vertical accompanying programs have been developed and in particular aimed, at:

  • Innovative Enterprises: with the InnoV program;
  • Social enterprises and innovative startups with a social vocation: with the IMPACT + program;
  • Women’s Enterprises: with the WOM’energy program
  • Startups operating in the Agribusiness sector: with the Agribusiness Innovation LAB program