In over 190 years of history, Reale Mutua has always distinguished itself for its correct and fair approach to competition on the market and its strong relationship with the social context in which it operates, in order to guarantee development and well-being to all its stakeholders-

The concept of “sustainability” is, for Reale Mutua, strictly connected with its way of “doing business”, that is, it means understanding the fundamental economic and commercial aspect with the conduct of relationships based on integrity, fairness, cohesion and transparency towards its stakeholders.

For this reason, Reale Mutua, faithful to its mutualistic principles, has always acted with great attention both towards the territory in which it operates, and in compliance with the needs of the various stakeholders and is committed to contributing to the achievement of the objectives for the Sustainable Development Goals defined in the United Nations 2030 Agenda. These objectives have been identified in the context of activities with a significant social impact.

The social impact of Reale Mutua is also realized thanks to the corporate Foundation of Reale Group, Reale Foundation, whose project activities are mainly aimed at the management and prevention of chronic diseases, the socio-economic integration of young people belonging to social categories weak, and to resilience to the risks generated by natural disasters of the communities in which the Group is present and operates. We hope that Reale Foundation can already become Reale Foundation 2.0, aiming at the social impact and not only at philanthropy, promoting the inclusion and socio-economic development of young people through two main levers – supporting initiatives that aim to promote financial inclusion and to favor the employability of disadvantaged or disabled young people as identified by the Regulation.