REACT – Research and Action employs innovative technologies to provide crime analysis and crime prevention services to police forces, institutes, universities, and public and private institutions operating in security and safety and other sectors exposed to criminal risk.

REACT analyses the evolution of traditional and emerging criminal phenomena, particularly economic crime, corruption, fraud, environmental crime, predatory crime, and attacks on critical infrastructures, and uses innovative AI, machine learning and aerial and environmental technologies to collect and analyse data and perform perception and victimisation surveys and a wide variety of data collection techniques.

REACT develops damage prevention and management strategies and assesses vulnerability in protection and prevention systems adopted by private and public institutions, determining risk levels and compliance with security, anti-fraud, anti-corruption and privacy regulations.

REACT runs staff training courses and uses innovatory and participatory learning methods (such as role-play, simulation, storytelling and case solving) to boost an organisation’s criminal risk management capacity and improve its prevention strategies.

REACT is registered in Padua and is on the innovative start-up register of the Padua Chamber of Commerce. It is part of a national and international network of partners and is involved in projects funded by the European Commission.

In recent years, REACT researchers have been involved in the following projects:

  • Health Integrity Forum (HIF) in partnership with Transparency International Italia
  • Anti Corruption Toolkit (ACT) with Avviso Pubblico and the city councils of Milan, Athens and Madrid
  • Development of corruption risk indicators with ANAC, the Italian anti-corruption authority
  • Water Crimes: analysis of environmental crimes in the water sector, with SITI
  • Critical infrastructure vulnerability assessment of a water sector company
  • Illegal trafficking of protected species: analysis of the Italian market and international trafficking
  • Market analysis and organised crime infiltration in the waste sector
  • Detecting and analysing terrorist-related online contents and financing activities