We deal with the design and marketing of flavorings for cocktails for the ho.re.ca sector, also providing support to catering activities in a path to improve the organization of work towards an agile model based on people.

The goal is to foster the development of tomorrow’s catering businesses by empowering and enhancing the individuals who make them up. Activities that are in step with the times, united, able to find the energy necessary to face the continuous changes typical of the sector and adapt in a proactive way.

Our intent is to offer a natural product, without flavorings, preservatives or dyes, capable of simplifying the work of the staff behind the counter allowing them to focus totally on the person in front of them. We focus on the person before the customer. This is because value cannot be compressed and limited to pure profit seeking.

Each of us knows the difference in value that exists between a commercial relationship whose only goal is to close a transaction and a relationship that positively impacts the multiple spheres of the human being capable of generating profit. In the second case, the profit becomes a consequence leaving room for the purpose of feeding oneself as human beings. The soul and the true strength of the restaurant business lies in this. This is the reason why, for the same offer, some businesses are thriving while others close their doors.

As a Benefit Corporation we strive to maximize the positive impact of our actions. A few simple principles guide our choices in a process of continuous adaptation and improvement.

The enhancement of the person, both as an individual and as part of a community.

The continuous search for materials and strategies capable of reducing the environmental impact deriving from our work

active participation in the maintenance of a local area that is aware and pleasant to live.